We have a revolutionary vision of the future of media management helping clients maximize their use of resources.

Big Gnarly Ideas

International Sales & Marketing,

How do we reduce the amount of time and capital at risk for film producers and Licensees?

We have a revolutionary vision of the future of media management, where producers or media distributors have instantaneous global control access across windows and formats for their content. There are no barriers to entry, and the volume of media skyrockets as media rights & Licenses trade much more efficiently.

At KAF we do many things, we assist producers reach a wider audience for their film, provide a legal structure and documentation necessary by many of the most important media outlets Worldwide, and provide with the necessary finance in order to marketing and license your film Globally.

Let’s Start everything

Contact & Strategy

Work with the very best in the industry. Make sure you know what you want, how you want it, and most importantly, understand the film market will disappoint at the very least if you have unrealistic expectations.

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Trust us, we’ve been doing this for while.


Upon satisfying all legal formalities and ideal work path, we push things forward and allow the market forces of demand and supply do their work.  Reaching international markets takes time and airline millage.

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And the best part


The final aspect of our service is marketed via cross selling through existing relationships as well as through digital marketing campaign efforts across Europe, North America and Latin America.

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