La vida de alguien – (Someone’s Life)

A decade after the disappearance of his best friend and musical partner in the band they had formed together, Guille receives the offer from a label to finally release an album he had recorded with said band, which never saw the light of day. His friend Pablo tries to help him overcome loss and grief, and the release of an album of old recordings might well be the talisman that could help achieve that. Finally, meeting Luciana, who becomes a new member in the now reformed band, will make Guille’s feelings surface and his past wounds start to heal and remain locked in a box, or maybe a cassette tape.
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Origin: Argentina
Color: Color
Language: Spanish (English Subt)
Runtime: 92 minutes
Director: Ezequiel Acuña
Script: Ezequiel Acuña
Cast: Santiago Pedrero, Ailín Salas, Matías Castelli, Julián Larquier Tellarin, Julián Kartún, Ignacio Rogers, Nicolás Mateo, Lucas Balducci, Martin Fildman, Martín Piroyansky