Agosto Final – (Final August)

A passionate and passionate investigation into the mysterious story of love and death that starred the millionaire writer Raul Baron Biza and the actress and aviator of Swiss origin Myriam Stefford who died in an air tragedy on August 26, 1931.
agosto final small

Genre: Documentary
Availability: Worldwide
Director: Eduardo L. Sanchez
Origin: Argentina
Runtime: 100 min
Language: Spanish, Italian and English
Production year 2016

Fin De Semana (Weekend)

It tells the story of two women who meet again after a long time in a house on San Roque lake and near the mountains , where they’ll have to live together for the weekend.

Carla arribes to accompany Martina after years of absence. The relationship between them is distant, there’s something they don’t talk about. Martina has furtive encounters with Diego, a man twice her age. Both of them submit to a strong, out-of-control sexual game. Once Carla Discovered this liaison she confronts Diego. When Martina finds out, the already electrified atmosphere between them escalates.

Cast: Maria Ucedo, Sofia Lanaro, Lisandro Rodriguez, Eva Bianco, Jean Pierre Noher, Roberto Videla, Jessica Kloner, Magdalena Combes Tilldra.

Fin de semana Small
Genre: Fiction, Drama, Erotic
Produced by: Masalla Productora
Directed by: Morocco Colman
Availability: Latin America

Details &  Tech Specs.

Argentina 2016
Shooting Format: 4k
Screen Format: DCP
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 2:35.1 and 1:85.1
Duration: 74 min


Kryptonita – kryptonite

What would have happened if Superman’s ship hadn’t landed in Smallville, but in a poor city next to Buenos Aires? Based on the superb comic book by Leo Oyola, Kryptonita tells the story of an unconventional roguish Justice League (a classic Robin Hood metaphor), trying to save Kal-El’s life from the police and no other than Doomsday himself. While kept hostage by Juan Raro (J’onn J’onzz), Cuñataí Güirá (Hawkgirl), El Faisán (Green Lantern), El Ráfaga (The Flash), a transvestite named Lady Di (Wonder Woman) and El Federico (Batman), a night shift doctor fights to keep Nafta Súper alive after removing a chunk of kryptonite from his side. Enjoy this fantastic reinterpretation of the Justice League, and keep an eye out for the Joker.
This film is a hilarious argentine adaptation of the Justice League series.

Genre: Fiction
Produced by: Boikot films
Directed by: Nicanor Loreti
Availability: North America and Europe

Details & Tech Specs.
Argentina 2015
Shooting Format: 4k
Screen Format: DCP
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 2:35.1 and 1:85.1
Duration: 80 min

Las Aventuras de Claudia – Claudia’s Adventures (Pre-Sale)

A wedding is about to take place with guests arriving for the church ceremony. Claudia, a thirty-five year old will get involved with her best friend (The wedding planer) to solve the mystery as to why the bride wants to call of the wedding last minute.


Las Aventuras de Claudia Teaser Poster
Genre: Comedy – Pre-Sale                                                                                   
Produced by: Rispo Films & Tecno films
Directed by: Sebastian de Caro
Estimate Release Date: (December 2017)
Availability: Worldwide

Perro Demonio – Demon Dog (Pre-Sale)

A young girl moves with her mother to start a new life with her new lover. A new neighborhood, an unfriendly new private school, and a mysterious tale of a demon creature wondering around killing in the night.
Genre: Fiction  (Pre-Sale)
Produced by: Rispo Films
Directed by: Gabriel Medina
Estimate Release: (2018)
Availability: Worldwide

Por qué brillan las estrellas – Why do Stars Shine (Pre-Sale)

Lucas loves Ana. Ana loves Gerardo. Gerardo does not love Ana but needs her. Ana needs Lucas with knowing. Veronica loves Franklin but needs Santiago. Santiago needs Veronica but does not like her. Mariano and Diana need anything other than themselves.  A group of friends in their thirties search the best version of love possible.

Genre: Romantic Comedy (Pre-Sale)
Produced by: Rispo Films & Amada Films.
Directed by: Natalia Hernandez
Estimate Release Date: (April 2018)   –    
Availability: Worldwide

Mario on Tour

Mario had everything to succeed in music but failed. Today he makes his living singing Sandro’s (Argentine Music legend-Elvis style) songs in bridal showers, weddings and birthdays. On his last tour he will find the success he always hoped to see again which his son.

Cast: Mike Amigorena, Hair Said, Roman Almaraz, Leonora Balcarce, Fafael Spregelburd, Ale Sergi.

Genre: Fiction, Drama
Produced by: Stigliani Mouriño Cine
Directed by: Pablo Stigliani
Availability: Worldwide

 Details & Tech Specs.

Argentina 2016
Shooting Format: 4k
Screen Format: DCP
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 2:35.1 and 1:85.1
Duration: 90 min

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